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Member Spotlight: Forrest Cooley

August 28, 2023



Forrest M. Cooley
Corban University
2023 OSCPA Educational Foundation Recipient
Jay Richardson Memorial Scholarship

Who or what inspired you to get where you are today?
My parents inspired me to get where I am today. Not only did they set a high standard of hard work and perseverance, they also gave me opportunities to develop these traits.

How will you define success as a CPA?
I've always defined success with improvement, and reaching milestones is the most tangible marker for that success. I think that if I spend my career pursuing excellence, I will always improve, will always reach the milestones I set, and will always consider myself a successful accountant.

What are you most passionate about?
Running has been my passion for the last several years. There are no limits to what I can achieve in running. It has taught me to discipline my mind and strengthen my body. Running is a sport where I can improve my fitness and learn diligence. 

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