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In today's business environment, your professional organization can make a difference to your career. Join OSCPA – your professional community!

"I joined the OSCPA prior to relocating to Portland to gain insight into the economic and employment landscape.  Now that I'm part of the business community here, I am really enjoying the professional experience shared by OSCPA members at CPE classes and committee meetings.  The membership has a great diversity of industries and experiences that bring multiple perspectives to discussions.  I also appreciate the senior level of experience available to provide mentorship to all of us as we develop our careers." 
— Lisa Johnson, CPA, Sustainable Restaurant Group, Portland 

Membership Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Join?

Individuals: Current and former CPAs, persons pursuing the CPA credential, and students.
CPA Firms: Any CPA firm that has at least one OSCPA Regular member. Learn more about CPA Firm membership

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Annual Dues

Membership in the Oregon Society of CPAs is renewable annually on April 1. Your first year dues are prorated based on the date of your membership.


Date of Membership Application
(2019-20 Membership Dues)

Category of Membership

4/1 - 6/30

7/1 - 9/30

10/1 - 12/31

1/1 - 3/31¹

Regular: Active
Ownership in public accounting firm & licensed more than 6 years





Regular: Active
Licensed or previously licensed CPA





Affiliate: Associate Out-of-State
Licensed and both resides and works outside of Oregon





Affiliate: Associate Uncertified
Passed the Uniform CPA Exam but not licensed





Affiliate: CPA Candidate
College graduate pursuing Uniform CPA Exam





Affiliate: Student
Any full-time or part-time student not eligible for another category





¹ Members who join January 1 through March 31 will renew the following April 1.
² The student membership year is October 1 through September 30 and is not prorated.
View detailed descriptions of all membership categories below.


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Select a category to join as

We offer six membership categories; read below to see which category best fits you. You may also create a guest login.

Active / Owner

Members in public practice, who live or work in Oregon, have ownership in a public accounting firm, and whose original CPA certificate is dated more than six years prior to the start of the fiscal year.

Active / Other

Members who are employed in industry, education, and government. Also, Active members in public accounting who do not meet the criteria listed in category A above and do not qualify for Affiliate membership or another type of membership.

Associate Out-of-State

Any member who does not live and work in Oregon, but are either licensed in Oregon or doing business in Oregon.

Associate Uncertified

Any member who (a) has passed the Uniform CPA Examination within the last eight years but has not qualified in other respects to receive the certificate, or (b) holds a certificate as a certified public accountant from any state, but resides and works outside of Oregon.

CPA Candidate

Members who have graduated from a college or university and are pursuing successful completion of the Uniform CPA Examination within seven years of graduation, may apply to the Society for membership. CPA Candidate Members shall annually affirm membership eligibility.


Members who are not eligible for CPA Candidate, Associate, Active or Temporarily Left Work Force status and who are a part-time or full-time student, with an emphasis in accounting or related business field, at a college or university.

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