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Group + Volume Discounts

Livestream Webcast

Volume Discount: Individual Viewing

Register 6 or more individuals from your firm/business at a discount to view the webcast individually on their own PC/laptop.

Livestream Webcast

Group Discount: 
Group Viewing 

Do you have multiple individuals in your office who want to watch the webcast? Sign up for this group-viewing option at your office. 


Group On-Demand CPE Training Packages

Do you have multiple people in your office who want to attend a conference but the live event doesn't fit into your schedule? Purchase this recorded version instead.


Informational Packages (No CPE)

If you want the information from a conference but don't need the CPE credit, this is the recorded program for you.

Two viewing options

Volume + Group Discounts

1. Volume Discount

  • Select this viewing option to register 6 or more  individuals from your firm/business to view webcast individually from their own PC/laptop.
  • Webcast confirmation emails, with unique webcast links, sent direct to each participant.
  • Participants may ask questions of the speakers during the program..

2. Group Discount

  • Participants view as a group in a firm/business conference/training room.
  • Firm/business designates an employee to serve as Course Administrator to assure CPE credit for each participant.
  • One group webcast link and one on-site CPE Credit Compliance Packet* will be provided to Course Administrator. *To provide CPE credit, the Oregon Board of Accountancy requires your firm to follow specific rules pertaining to CPE as the sponsor.
  • Participants may ask questions of the speakers during the program.

Discount Fee Structure

For both livestream webcast viewing options: the first five participants are billed at the Member or Non-Member rate depending on membership status. Additional participants (6+) are billed at 10% discount from the Member or Non-Member rate.

Note: Deadline to order both livestream webcast viewing options is 2 business days prior to event start date! Thank you.

Livestream Webcast EventsDateTier 1 FeeTier 2 Fee
2024-25 Spring/Summer Conferences
Not-for-Profit Conference - Webcast04/22/24$310$279
Construction Industry Conference - Webcast05/10/24$310$279
Governmental Accounting & Auditing Conference (2 days) - 15 Tech & 1 [NT] - Webcast05/14-05/15/24$439$396
ERISA Conference - Webcast05/21/24$310$279
Farming, Ranching & Agribusiness Conference - Webcast05/30/24$310$279
Real Estate Conference - Webcast06/05/24$310$279
Technology Conference with K2 Enterprises (2 days) - Webcast06/10-06/11/24$599$540
Forest Products Conference - 7 Tech & 1 [NT] - Webcast06/18/24$310$279
Estate & Trust Conference - Webcast06/21/24$310$279
Accounting & Auditing Conference - Webcast06/25/24$310$279
2024-25 Fall/Winter Conferences   
Business & Industry Conference - Webcast10/17/24 $310$279
Financial & Retirement Planning Conference - Webcast11/06/24 $310$279
Northwest Federal Tax Conference (2 days) - Webcast11/12-11/13/24 $535$482
Professional Issues Update (4 hours - morning) - Webcast12/05/24 $69$63
State & Local Tax Conference - Webcast 01/06/25 $310$279
2024 Federal Tax Update featuring Greg White & George Koutelieris - Webcast01/15/25 $320$289
2024 Federal Tax Update featuring Greg White & George Koutelieris - Webcast01/16/25 $320$289
Winter Governmental Auditing & Accounting Conference - Webcast01/27/25 $310$279

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact the Professional Development division at 503-641-7200/800-255-1470, ext. 3 or We're here to help!