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Educational Foundation

About The OSCPA Educational Foundation

The Foundation helps to ensure that qualified candidates will be available to meet the growing demand for the CPA profession. Since 1985, The OSCPA Educational Foundation has awarded more than $2.5 million in financial assistance to over 1,400 deserving students. 

Foundation Goals

  • Increase the number of scholarships awarded to high-achieving college students pursuing a CPA career;
  • Raise the dollar amounts of scholarships — critical in light of the increasing costs of higher education; and
  • Offer scholarships that encourage candidates considering a career change to pursue an advanced education in accounting.

The Foundation requests your financial assistance to help prepare and support a growing number of promising students.


Annually the Foundation strives to increase the number of scholarships offered to college students. 

Your contributions are a vital part of ensuring enough accounting professionals for the future. By contributing to the Foundation you help students achieve their educational goals and secure a pipeline of qualified future CPA candidates in Oregon.