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‘Boomerang’ Auditors Make Better Fraud Detectives, Experiment Shows

Auditors who spend time as CFOs and then return to public accounting are likely to do a better job of catching earnings cheaters. Read More read more

How Internal Audit Can Make Better Use of Technology

A constantly expanding set of technological tools presents rapidly increasing opportunities for internal auditors to provide value to their organisations. Read More read more

IRS Announces 220,000 Additional Victims of Identity Theft

The IRS has announced that more than 220,000 taxpayers may have had their personal information compromised by hacking of the "Get Transcript" App. Read More read more

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3 Quick Performance Hacks That Can Supercharge Your Day

We all have the same number of hours in the day, yet some people accomplish vastly more than others. These three tactics are the key to leveling-up your efficiency.

4 Ways to Unlock Employee Performance

Companies that focus on effective employee collaboration and reward company-wide accomplishments increase their revenue by about $16,400 and their profits by about $2,500 per employee annually, according to a study by consultancy CEB.

How to Turn Constraints Into Opportunities

When we come up against a constraint in the workplace, such as a lack of resources or an impossibly short time frame, we tend to see it as a limitation, which ultimately stifles creativity and performance. But what if we started to look at constraints as opportunities instead? This is the question posed by author Adam Morgan. He outlines strategies that leaders and organisations can use to change the way we look at constraints and turn them to our advantage.

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