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Obama Would Cut Deficits by Another $1 Trillion

The official nonpartisan take on President Obama's 2015 budget proposal is in: He would curb deficits even more than today's policies. Read More read more

States Targeting Overseas Tax Havens to Recover Lost Corporate Income Taxes

For years corporations have been using overseas tax havens to stash away income and avoid payment of corporate income taxes. Read More read more

IRS: File Your Taxes Now, Ignore Heartbleed Bug

Millions of people are filing their taxes just as governments grapple with Heartbleed, the worst privacy-killing Internet bug ever. Read More read more

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How to Talk to Your Employees About Compensation

Discussing pay can be uncomfortable. Here's how to make the conversation easier and more productive.

How to Become One of the World's Most Ethical Companies

For much of the past six years, the toy industry has been in crisis. More than three dozen US companies have been forced to recall toys with lead paint levels that exceeded federal limits.

Happy Employees are More Productive Employees

Happiness can boost employee productivity by 10 percent. So says new research that determined increasing happiness boosted productivity.

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