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AICPA Issues Attest Standard for Asset-Backed Securities

The American Institute of CPAs’ Auditing Standards Board has issued a new attestation standard for agreed-upon procedures engagements related to asset-backed securitizations. Read More read more

IRS Steps up Prosecutions for Identity Theft

The Internal Revenue Service is continuing its ongoing efforts to bring identity thieves to justice. Read More read more

Spending: A Checklist for Picking the Right Tax Preparer

A guide on how to make sure you find someone who is qualified and competent to file taxes. Read More read more

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Stop or Not? How Behavioral Factors Affect Decisions Related to Work Interruptions

What can managers do to combat productivity losses caused by distractions and interruptions?

10 Simple Tips Any CPA Can Use to Strengthen Client Relationships

The AICPA compiled a list of tips to help strengthen relationships with clients.

3 Resolutions to Position Your Accounting Firm for 2015

Once busy season begins, you’ll have precious little time to consider whether your accounting firm has made the right moves to build client relationships and grow in 2015. Instead, you’ll be feverishly working to meet imminent deadlines and to survive the grueling work schedule.

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