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Member Spotlight: Karissa Swenson

June 19, 2024



Karissa Swenson
HMW CPAs & Associates, LLC
North Bend

What does being a CPA mean to you?
Being a CPA means that I have the opportunity to provide a greater benefit to my community. I have found fulfillment in my work by assisting friends, family, and those in the community to tackle tricky tax situations that may feel like they are impossible to navigate. When I leave the office parking lot, I know that what I am doing matters. It’s an addictive feeling and drives me to continue to grow my skills so that I can continue to help those around me. 

How has the CPA profession changed since you started your career?
During my roughly eight years in public accounting, the demand for CPAs has grown exponentially. The federal and state tax laws become more complex each year, pillars of the profession are retiring, and there is more and more of a need for CPAs in our community. I love hearing about students who want to pursue an accounting degree, and sincerely hope they stick with it and find the joy that I have found in being a CPA.

Who or what inspires you?
I am constantly inspired by my dad. He never hesitates to help others, many times offering before he is asked. Having spent almost his whole life on a ranch, he taught me the importance of working hard and persevering when times are tough. If it weren’t for my dad instilling those lessons in me, I don’t believe I would be the CPA I am today. 

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