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Member Spotlight: Kelly Bosch

April 23, 2024




Kelly Bosch
The University of Oregon Foundation, Eugene


How does The University of Oregon Foundation make an impact?
The University of Oregon Foundation plays a pivotal role in ensuring stable financial support for the university's initiatives, programs, and students. By prudently managing charitable gifts, strategic investments, and partnerships, the Foundation enhances the value of entrusted assets while nurturing innovation and collaboration. These efforts contribute significantly to the university's esteemed reputation as a center of excellence and opportunity.

What would surprise people about the work you do? 
The depth of collaboration, especially with the University of Oregon and its staff, may come as a surprise to some. We closely collaborate on various projects, including significant initiatives such as implementing a new CRM system and various extensive facility projects. This partnership allows for creativity and the opportunity to act as thought partners with university team members, sometimes in conjunction with Advancement and donors. Through this collaborative approach, we maximize the impact of our work and ensure alignment with the university's mission. Despite managing assets totaling $3 billion, our team remains lean and highly skilled. As a result, we often find ourselves wearing multiple hats and tackling diverse responsibilities to fulfill our mission effectively.

How has the CPA credential benefitted your organization?  
The CPA credential offers many benefits to our organization, ranging from enhancing credibility and integrity, to providing expertise and comprehensive knowledge in the field. With 16 years of public accounting experience, primarily focused on the nonprofit industry, my CPA credential brings a wealth of expertise and a deep understanding of compliance and governance requirements. This knowledge is particularly valuable as we prepare our own financial statements and footnotes, ensuring accuracy and compliance with regulatory standards. Additionally, my CPA background equips me to navigate complex tax regulatory requirements and to implement strong governance and risk management practices, enhancing the Foundation’s overall safety and stability.

My CPA background offers benefits beyond financial matters, extending to operational areas such as banking, insurance, retirement plans, and system conversion. This unique perspective enables me to provide valuable insights and drive continuous improvement initiatives across various facets of our organization. Having experience working with a diverse clientele that requires adaptability and flexibility, I am comfortable tailoring solutions to meet the specific needs of the Foundation effectively. Ultimately, the CPA credential serves as a cornerstone for fostering organizational excellence and driving success.

What drew you to this path? How does The University of Oregon Foundation's mission statement resonate with you? 
I was drawn to this path by a deep-seated value instilled in me from a young age: the importance of giving back to the community. My journey began in high school when I started volunteering, and it was there that I discovered my passion for the nonprofit industry. What captivates me about this sector is its mission-driven nature. Witnessing the generosity of donors and their selfless desire to effect positive change, without any expectation of return, is truly inspiring to me. Coincidentally, my first audit client as a staff accountant was the UO Foundation, and the organization remained part of my professional life throughout the course of my career.

I am proud to be a second-generation Duck, and I consider it a privilege to be part of an organization that is committed to serving as a strong fiduciary of donor funds for the betterment of UO students, faculty, and programs. My work here feels like a journey come full circle, and I am deeply grateful to have found a career where my personal values align so well with the organization's purpose and mission.

What advice would you give aspiring CPAs who want to create positive change in the world?
A piece of advice I would offer to aspiring CPAs is to embrace lifelong learning and seek out opportunities to collaborate with organizations that align with your values. Additionally, don't underestimate the power of networking and building relationships within your industry and community, as they can provide support and inspiration for your endeavors to make a difference. And finally, always remember that your role as a CPA extends beyond financial statements - your influence can contribute to a more equitable and sustainable future for all stakeholders.

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