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The 2024 Top New Products

February 07, 2024

By Chris Gaetano, Daniel Hood, Danielle Lee    

Artificial intelligence has been at the top of people's minds for all of the past year, and the accounting profession is no exception. This is reflected in our 2024 Top New Products list, where nearly every single submission we received had some sort of AI component, whether as a core part of its functionality or as support for other features.

AI is used in tax, in audit, in advisory; it's used to draft letters, to write reports, to analyze data; it automates processes, it provides advice, it helps manage clients. Based on the submissions we got this year, we can see that the AI future of accounting isn't coming, it is here. The profession is not just willing but eager to find new ways to apply this technology for, at the very least, productivity and efficiency gains, if not entirely new lines of business.

Yet AI is not the only story this year. On top of this recent innovation, we're also highlighting products that sport new integrations that enable new functionalities, that connect people with resources to meet the challenges of a changing profession, that support growing practice areas like ESG, and that assist accountants with new regulations.

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