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Your OSCPA membership at work

Top 10 things we did with your dues dollars in 2023.

And we'll keep working hard — for you — in 2024!

1. Passage of the 120-hour to sit bill

This year we sponsored and the Oregon Legislature passed HB 2523, enabling CPA exam candidates to sit for the exam with 120 hours of qualifying education, reducing barriers to licensure and helping the pipeline. 

2. Advocacy for removing CPA Candidate written write-up requirement

Another accomplishment through our partnership with Board of Accountancy (BOA), further streamlining the path to licensure and supporting the pipeline.

3. Rule changes benefiting the profession

We've been helping BOA and the Laws and Rules Committee (pictured Ray Johnson, Chair) with the heavy lift of significant rules revisions, ensuring that exam entry and the profession's licensing process is nimble and ready to face the future. And we're not done yet.

4. Joint Town Halls with the Board of Accountancy

Speaking of rule changes, we held Town Halls with the BOA covering highlights, giving participants direct opportunity to weigh in on policy choices being discussed.

5. Relationships, relationships, relationships

We continue to build internal and external relationships with the IRS, the Oregon Tax Court, the Oregon Department of Revenue, City of Portland, OAIA, and AICPA, among others, keeping your professional concerns at the forefront.

And we continue our relationship building with Oregon colleges and universities, encouraging the next generation to enter the Oregon accounting profession.

6. Outreach to high schools

Our career development team reached out to 352 Oregon high school principals with information to help their students learn about careers in accounting, and offering in-person and on-demand presentations.

7. Oregon CPAs go to Washington DC

•    We went to our nation's capital to discuss the SAFE Act; Fiscal State of the Nation Act; accounting STEM legislation; Section 174, research and development cost capitalization repeal, and expanding the use of 529 plans to allow funds to be used for the CPA Exam and initial licensure.
•    We connected with congressional offices on key topics throughout the year.
•    We are and will continue working with AICPA and CPA societies to request an extension plus implementation delay to the Corporate Transparency Act.

8. Protecting your license

OSCPA volunteers reviewed 199 tax and 27 non-tax bills in the 2023 session, not to mention many had multiple versions. Your peers are tirelessly watching for legislation that could affect you, your livelihood, and your clients and businesses. And we're about to start up again in the 2024 session.

9. Late-breaking professional development

We jumped on late-breaking developments throughout the year to get you the knowledge you need, whether it was PTE-E, Corporate Transparency Act, ChatGPT for tax research, or other hot topics.   

10. Free members-only CPE

We know that knowledge helps you keep your edge. This year we offered free CPE on ESG, Form 990, ASC 842, the path to CFO, using tech to streamline workflows, SAS risk assessment, peer review, mental health, and more.

Okay, 11 — new website!

We were delighted in 2023 to bring you an all-new website, a 24/7 member resource offering an enhanced member experience, continuing our rebranding and keeping us ready for the future.