2020 CPA Season of Service & Giving

CPAs making a difference!

                                       Season of Service & Giving

Why a season not a day? We know it's important to OSCPA members to serve the community. With health guidelines and all the changes this year, we also know we have to be creative. The longer window through December 15, 2020 gives you more flexibility.

Choosing a project: Volunteer individually or as a group. Outdoor projects allow you to wear masks and stay distanced. Or find creative ways to volunteer virtually--local community donations, writing letters to nursing homes, online mentoring, donating blood, or care packages for the military are just a few examples.

Also see organizations supporting those affected by the Oregon wildfires on the Wildfires Updates and Resources page.  If you have any organizations to share please email communications@orcpa.org.

Giving counts: Raising funds is a very important part of service. There are many Oregonians in need right now. Support organizations, such as the American Red Cross, in helping those affected by wildfires and the pandemic, or other issues such as loss of housing, food insecurity, veterans, animals--anything that is meaningful to you/your team.

To register, email communications@orcpa.org with:
1. Name of firm, business, or organization
2. Name of entity you're supporting or the project
3. Date or approximate date of service
By emailing you become the contact person unless you tell us otherwise.

After the project, email communications@orcpa.org with:
1. Final list of participants
2. What exactly you did/how much you raised
3. Any photos (if possible)
Please email this information by December 15, 2020 so that we can recognize you, and so your work can inspire others.

We are delighted to have you participate. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Communications Team at 503-641-7200 / 800-255-1470, ext. 6; communications@orcpa.org.