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July 10, 2017

OSCPA's website provides a personalized member experience, featuring a customized My OSCPA dashboard and enhanced online access to the OSCPA services members value most.

The most up-to-date security measures are also an important feature of the new website. Instead of an ID number, members and non-member users use their email address to log in to the new site. User passwords that were valid on the old site will still work on the new website. However, passwords are now encrypted for enhanced security – for both the user and OSCPA!

Logging in

Instead of an ID number, members and other registered website users will now use their email address on file in the OSCPA member database to log in. 

To log in, working left to right in the Member Login section shown below:

  1. Enter your email address on file with OSCPA
  2. Enter your orcpa.org password
  3. Click Log In


What to do if you can't log in

Do you know the email address that is on file for you at the OSCPA office?

  • Do you regularly receive email from OSCPA? If so, the email at which you receive those messages is the one you will use to log in to the new site.
  • Your browser's cookies may be set to automatically pull in your ID number instead of your email. Clear your browser's cookies, then try entering your email and password.
  • If you don't know what email address is on file, call the OSCPA for assistance.

Forget your orcpa.org password? You can reset your password on the new website:

  • On the Home page or the Login page, click "Forgot Password?" You will be redirected to a reset page.
  • Enter your email address on file with OSCPA, then click "Reset."
  • Check your email for a confirmation email, which contains a link. Click the link; you'll be sent to a Password Reset page. 
  • Enter and confirm your new password. Upon success you will be redirected to the Login page to log in with your new password.

Need assistance? Contact OSCPA

Member Services: 503-641-7200 / 800-255-1470, ext. 4; or
Communications: 503-641-7200 / 800-255-1470, ext. 6


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