The world is your classroom: Build your 2019 learning plan in minutes

January 3, 2019

By Brock Faucette at AICPA Insights on December 18, 2018

Picture it: A knockerupper and a powdermonkey walk into a packed bar. To their surprise, there’s only one barstool left. The knockerupper looks over at the powdermonkey and says, ‘Are you gunning for that seat?’ to which the powdermonkey responds, ‘Don’t look so alarmed.’

Okay. Admittedly, the punchline would probably make more sense if knockeruppers and powdermonkeys were still relevant professions today. But that’s kind of my point. Because this joke illustrates an imperative, timeless truth:

Lifelong learning is no joke.

If we expect to remain not only relevant but also indispensable to those we serve, we must keep curious, keep learning and keep adapting. After all, technologies and other outside forces are vastly altering consumer expectations and the ways we work – and they’re not waiting idly by for us to catch up.

But does the thought of carving out learning time from your already-over-booked calendar cause you anxiety? That may be because you have a conventional concept of learning. Let me guess: You’re thinking classrooms that smell of chalk, webcast Q&As, squinting at a slide deck from the back row of a conference lecture hall. 

Make no mistake. These learning environments are essential to your ongoing professional education and development, but, in reality, they only account for about 10% of your entire annual learning curriculum. With a little shift in perspective, you may discover you’re already partially fulfilling the remaining 90% you need to stay ahead.

70% of your learning opportunities should be experiential

Remember that stretch assignment you were given? You know the one. Where you ended up accomplishing things you never thought you could do? That was experiential learning.

And maybe you taught yourself how to create infographics. Now, you’re the go-to when your organization or firm needs a visualization to share with clients. Also experiential.

Or remember that time you were on the train. Or waiting for the elevator? Or you were at your desk, waiting for your coffee to kick in and you began scanning your inbox for your weekly digest? Wherever or however you’ve linked to this article, you’re already chipping away at the learning you need to outpace the pace of disruption.

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