OSCPA Webcast Frequently Asked Questions

First Time Webcast Participants

To make sure your system is ready for the Adobe Connect webcast click here.

Common Questions:

Question: It’s not letting me in. What should I do?

Answer: Access to the webcast opens 30 minutes prior to the event.

Question: Why can’t I hear anything?

Answer: There is a volume icon at the top middle of the screen; it should be green. Make sure the sound is turned on for your computer and/or your speaker volume is up.

Question: I hear an echo. Why?

Answer: Make sure you have the webcast open only once in one browser.

Question: What should I do if my screen keeps buffering?

Answer: We recommend that you watch the webcast on a hard wired laptop or desktop pc and to use Google Chrome as your browser.

Additional Troubleshooting tips click here.

Need help?

Contact OSCPA or call 503-641-7200 / 800-255-1470, ext. 3