Client Relations Program

The OSCPA Professional Conduct (Ethics) Committee seeks to promote consumer satisfaction with Oregon CPA services within the framework of the OSCPA's mission to serve its members. They accomplish this through the Client Relations Program.

Resolution of Disagreements

  • In seeking to reconcile fee disputes between clients and CPAs, the Professional Conduct (Ethics) Committee acts as a forum in which both parties are given an opportunity to voice their disagreements before a neutral person.
  • The Professional Conduct (Ethics) Committee encourages both parties to listen to each other and to re-establish communications where they have broken down.
  • The Professional Conduct (Ethics) Committee is not endowed with any formal powers. It cannot arbitrate or mediate disagreements by dictating solutions. It works solely through informal means of listening, helping both sides articulate their concerns, and enabling them to discover creative ways of resolving conflict.
  • The Professional Conduct (Ethics) Committee members receive special training in handling complaints and dealing with angry people. Members are required to respond to complaints on a timely basis. Forms and procedures have been developed to create a confidential record of each complaint and to ensure consistent handling.
  • The Professional Conduct (Ethics) Committee encourages CPAs to use engagement letters, talk frankly with clients about fees (at the outset and at critical junctures of an engagement), and to clarify the services clients will receive so "expectation gaps" can be prevented.


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