How accounting can empower better project management

August 16, 2017

How accounting can empower better project management

By Donny Shimamoto

Accountants are a natural ally for anyone hoping to get things done within an organization. They know the transaction flows of the organization and the risks and controls around its processes, and that knowledge can provide a valuable road map for those tasked with product design, process improvement, and more.

To maximize their utility, accountants need to speak one of the most important languages of modern business. They need to understand project management, the methodology by which many business leaders enact business improvements and technology innovation.

Accountants who learn the flow and terminology of project work are better able to serve as business partners for teams outside of finance, and they'll be better positioned to advocate for good financial, data, and process management practices.

Excerpted from the article originally published in the August/September 2017 edition of The Accountant. Read the full story: How accounting can empower better project management (PDF)

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