Oregon's Legalized Cannabis Industry


AICPA Resource Page: This page lists multiple links to resources, including the next two links below, and articles about the marijuana industry across the nation. 

An Issue Brief on State Marijuana Laws and the CPA Profession (PDF – Updated January 14, 2019): Originally published July 24, 2015, this issue brief was prepared by AICPA staff and volunteers, with input from the Colorado and Washington state CPA Societies. gives an overview of U.S. recreational and medicinal marijuana laws, the current legislative/regulatory environment, and information for CPAs considering providing services to businesses that operate in these industries.

Providing Services to Businesses in the Marijuana Industry: A Sample of Current Board Position (PDF-January 2019) This document summarizes the positions of the boards of accountancy in states with some degree of legal marijuana: See Oregon, page 5.

Oregon Board of Accountancy

Update in process. (Aug. 7, 2020)


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