AICPA Leadership - Oregon Representatives

The AICPA Council is the governing body of the American Institute of CPAs. The AICPA Board of Directors reports to the Council and acts as the Executive Committee of the Council. State CPA societies may appoint council members from among their leadership. Click here for more information on the AICPA Council, Board of Directors, and AICPA Operations.

State Council appointees must be AICPA members. They attend national and regional Council meetings, representing the profession within their state, as well as the views and best interests of their individual state members. Oregon has appointed the following individuals to serve on the AICPA Council:

AICPA Council Members from the OSCPA

Term Name Contact Information

2022-23 Term
(expires May 2023)

Charles R. Mello
Council Member

Deloitte LLP
Phone: 503-727-3045
Email Charles Mello

2020-23 Term
(expires May 2023)

Deborah J. Hollingsworth
Council Member

Deborah J. Hollingsworth CPA LLC
Phone: 503-246-8251
Email Deborah Hollingsworth

AICPA Council at Large 

Term Name Contact Information

2020-23 Term (currently vacant)
(Three years)



AICPA Board of Directors

Term Name Contact Information

Anoop Mehta

1345 6th Ave., 27th Floor
New York, NY 10105
Phone: 301-257-5796

2022-23 Term
(expires May 2023)

Okorie L. Ramsey
AICPA Vice Chairman and OSCPA Liaison

Kaiser Permanente
Oakland, CA
Phone: 510-271-6649
Email Okorie Ramsey