Member Spotlight: Robin Matthews

September 20, 2021

Robin-Matthews9-21Robin Matthews, CPA
Partner & Shareholder, Jones & Roth PC
OSCPA Member since 1993

What do you love about the CPA profession?
I love the people—both my clients and my team. The people on my teams are incredibly hard workers, but we also have fun together. After making it through a recent deadline, one of my teams celebrated with a cookie delivery and by blowing up the “Good News” channel on our firmwide chat with some fun posts. I also have a really excellent group of clients and have developed deep relationships with them—some of those connections go back 30 years. It’s so interesting to learn their stories and be able to help their businesses truly succeed.

What would you change?
The tax deadlines cause undue stress. I would permanently extend deadlines to allow the work to be completed over a longer period of time.

How has being an OSCPA member benefitted you?
The OSCPA does a good job of putting together good CPE for all levels. Another benefit it provides is the advocacy on issues that that’s our firm and clients face. The OSCPA also does a great job of getting information out to their members.

What advice would you give to a new CPA?
My advice is to ask lots of questions, do your best, and don’t stress about your mistakes. I used to go home worrying about a mistake I had made that day. In hindsight, my mistakes were some of my best learning experiences.

At the end of the day, all that matters is...
All that matters is doing your best, being honest about things that didn’t go well, making sure to find something to laugh about each day, and making sure to thank the team along the way.

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