Member Spotlight: Judy Killian

August 13, 2021

Judy KillianJudy Killian
Member and past chair,
Taxation Strategic Committee
OSCPA Member since: 1995

What has the CPA credential meant to you?
My CPA credential was a testimony to many years of hard work, both in day school and at night classes, along with balancing family and work. I ended up with a bachelor’s degree in business and a Masters in Taxation. Being a CPA opened the doors to being able to help many families who were struggling with finances and taxes. My final job was working on litigation support and workouts with taxing authorities.

How has being an OSCPA member benefitted you?
The OSCPA has given me many opportunities for education through its many classes and opportunities to network with fellow practitioners. Since I was most interested in tax, I joined the Taxation Committee and held various positions on the committee. While serving on the Taxation Committee, I volunteered to work as a legislative reviewer. We reviewed all bills related to taxes that came before each legislative session. I learned to approach each bill with attention on fairness and how easy it would be for CPAs to administer, compute, and report the correct tax.

What do OSCPA members need to understand about the legislative process?
I am proud that legislators come to the OSCPA for our analysis of tax related bills that come before the legislative sessions. We have built a reputation for being fair and unbiased.

What are you going to do now that you’re done reading bills?
Now that the legislative session is over for this year, I plan to spend as much of my time outdoors as I can with family and friends. I started a small garden and I am looking forward to vine-ripened tomatoes.

Any other advice you’d give new CPAs?
My advice to new CPAS is to become members of OSCPA and to become involved in any committee that aligns with their interests. They will learn a lot and be first to hear any new thinking on current issues, network, and make new friends. If anyone is looking for a committee, I would recommend the Taxation Committee and volunteering to be a legislative reviewer. You’ll be the first to know what our legislature is looking at for new tax issues.


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