Peer Review Fees

Administrative Fee

Effective 4/1/2019 the cost of administrative services will be:

1 Professional $675 1 Professional $550
2–5 Professionals $825 2–5 Professionals $650
6–10 Professionals $975 6–10 Professionals $750
11-19 Professionals $1,200 11-19 Professionals $850
20+ Professionals $1,400 20+ Professionals $950

Additional Fees

A firm that cancels their review after the Peer Review Information (PRI) ihas been approved n PRIMA but before commencement of the review is charged a cancellation fee of $100, and the remaining administrative fee is refunded.

  • If the partner or owner is eligible for membership in either the AICPA and/or OSCPA but is not a member of either, there is an additional fee of $300.
  • CART scheduling fee is $200.
  • Reinstatement fee if firm was dropped from program is $500.
  • Technical review fee is $180 an hour, minimum of one hour with maximum of 8 hours at $1,440.
    • Each peer review must undergo an evaluation before being presented to the OSCPA Peer Review Committee for acceptance.

Reviewer Fees and Expenses

There are three review formats available to firms:

  1. Committee Appointed Review Team Review (CART) – If your firm is eligible for an engagement review, the arrangements for your firm's review may be made by the OSCPA Peer Review staff. The reviewers' fees and expenses are invoiced by the OSCPA when the review has been accepted by the Report Acceptance Body (RAB). The hourly rate for reviewers is $180 per hour. NOTE: Firms will also be charged an additional $200 CART scheduling fee.
  2. Firm-on-Firm Review (FOF) – Your firm may select a qualified firm to perform its review. If your firm is interested in a FOF review, a Directory of Firms Interested in Performing Reviews is available under the resources on the OSCPA Website.
  3. Association Review – You ask the association to which your firm belongs to assist in forming a review team. That association must be authorized by the Peer Review Board to assist in the formation of such review teams.

If your firm chooses to have a FOF or Association Review, you must provide information on the individuals performing your firm's review during the scheduling process and before starting the review. Your reviewing firm or association will bill your firm directly for any review fees and expenses based on a contract or engagement letter.