What to do if you experience a data compromise.


January 29, 2018

The IRS has shared information about the importance of protecting your systems and client data from cyber intruders and identity thieves. Today, we want to provide a little information on what to do if the worst happens – your client information is compromised or your data system is breached.

We hope you never experience a data compromise – whether by cybercriminals, theft, or accident. But if it happens, there are certain steps you should take. These include notifying law enforcement, your local IRS stakeholder liaison, the Federation of Tax Administrators (who will assist in notifying all the states in which you prepare state returns), your clients, your insurer, the credit bureaus, and others. (For those who have employers or hold franchises, please ensure you know what is required by your employer or your contract.)

For a complete list of who to contact, visit, keyword: Data Theft Information for Tax Professionals.

For a list of local stakeholder liaison contacts, search: Stakeholder Liaison Local Contacts.

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