Zoom vs. Teams vs. Google Meet: Which is right for you?

February 1, 2021

By Byron Patrick, CPA/CITP, CGMA, Journal of Accountancy

Q. Like many, our accounting firm has relied heavily on Zoom during the coronavirus pandemic, but I have partners pushing us to change to Microsoft Teams. A couple of clients prefer Google Meet. Can you compare and contrast the three applications?

A. Nearly a year since the COVID-19 pandemic turned our country upside down, we continue to hold everything from work meetings to birthday parties on virtual platforms.

Most of the time, you simply click the link given to you and never think twice. But for those of us who have to host meetings, which platform is best? Let's take a look at each.

Pros: Great for webinars, conferences, and large groups.

Cons: Licensing can be expensive ($150 to $300 per year per license), especially if you're only using it for one-on-one calls.

Advanced features: Multiscreen support, large group end-to-end encryption.

The term "Zoom room" has become quite common over the last year. Everyone is on Zoom — from our bosses to our teachers. This is because Zoom offers the best security for large group meetings.

Supporting multiple pages of video squares, Zoom allows you to host a large group and even set up a webinar easily. All meetings have the option to require a password, and invites are easy to send to anyone, whether or not they have a Zoom account.

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