Art of Accounting: Planning a job

September 14, 2020

By Edward Mendlowitz, Accounting Today

A lot of colleagues call me and complain that their staff are not doing as good a job as they need to. After a brief discussion, it appears the problem lies with the owner or partner because they have shortcut the planning process. This is not an isolated issue.

Everyone always seems to be perpetually rushed, particularly owners and partners, and they cut so-called nonessential parts of a project, which they consider excessive planning to be. Boy, are they off base, and their results show it. I’ve been there, and still am, so I know the feeling. Maybe I am myopic with this, but I have always planned meticulously. One reason was that I wanted the work done my way. Another is that it enabled me to visualize the entire project and anticipate problem areas. I also felt that the planning showed the staff my interest and commitment to getting the job done as well as possible. I found that my time supervising the work was greatly reduced by the planning, which paid huge dividends.

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