We are making a difference

February 1, 2020

By Kari T. Patterson, 2019-20 OSCPA Board Chair

As I write my last chair’s message, I am amazed how fast a year has gone by. It has been an honor and pleasure to serve as the chair of our Society. These are exciting times for our profession, which I expect will continue for the forseeable future.

The CPA Evolution initiative is going to continue to be a hot topic as the debate around the appropriate level of regulation and benefits of licensing comes with a wide array of opinions. Finding the right balance and keeping an open mind to adapting the future needs of the license will be critical to maintaining the relevance of the CPA license for generations to come.

The legislative review work by the Society and a host of volunteers this past year was truly remarkable. Not only were there a significant number of bills, but there were also multiple revisions to bills that all went through review and had valuable feedback provided. The benefit of this work is greatly appreciated.

I had the opportunity to meet all of the staff at the Society during my time as chair and was impressed with the team. Several staff members wear multiple hats in their jobs, and their dedication to getting things completed, set up, and advancing the way services are provided is remarkable.

As we enter a new decade and busy work season for most accounting professionals, I am inspired by the meaning of the work we do. From tax code, to financial reporting, to business strategy, we make a positive impact on individual lives and in the success of businesses. We work hard and put in long hours, but at the end of the day we are making a difference, which makes it worthwhile.
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