Tax Podcast: Waiting for Relief

March 17, 2020

Stay up to date on federal tax developments with this weekly tax podcast by Edward K. Zollars, CPA, Phoenix, Arizona. 

This week's topic: Waiting for Relief

• President declares emergency over COVID-19, directs Treasury to provide relief--and now we are waiting.
• HR 6201 passes the House and moves on to the Senate, containing a few tax provisions mainly related to mandatory sick leave provision rule
• AICPA letter issued to IRS regarding the informal §199A guidance the agency has issued
• HDHPs are allowed to pay for COVID-19 testing and treatment without jeopardizing ability of insured to make HSA contributions.
• Dropping a tax document in the mailbox turns out not to be a good idea, as USPS postmark was after the private postmark date on envelope

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