Leadership Lessons in 59½ Seconds by Ron Rael: On Increasing Accountability And Productivity

February 17, 2020

Read the latest lesson from leadership coach Ron Rael, CEO, High Road Institute

On Increasing Accountability And Productivity

“Employees on my team tend to duplicate efforts, and yet are unconcerned about removing this redundant work. What do you suggest?”

By employing a tool called the “Position Description” (PD) for every employee in your team and in the organization, you will be able to –

1) remove duplication of efforts,
2) get rid of unnecessary work, and
3) remove this excuse from the employee who has dropped the ball: “I didn’t know that I was supposed to do that. It wasn’t stated in my job description.”

As you develop a PD for each employee, you will quickly see the duplication of efforts because a PD puts a focus on results instead of tasks. Here is a simple example: The typical job description says, “Maintain a spreadsheet to show when employees turn in their timesheet.”

But how can you tell about the quality of the work and if another employee is keeping a similar record of this data?
A PD states the employee’s responsibility this way. “Present to the General Manager a verifiable and accurate report on timesheet compliance by 9:00 am on the day after payroll.” Notice that the emphasis is on the final product and not on simply of maintaining a spreadsheet.

A Position Description will enhance personal and team accountability, improve the quality of work, increase productivity, and best of all focus every employee on results instead of processes and tasks.

I guarantee that you will benefit from this powerful Leadership Tool.

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