12 Timely Topics for Client Conversations

February 13, 2020

By Bryce Sanders for ThinkAdvisor on February 4, 2020

We know client contact is important. When you reach out, clients know you are paying attention. You are thinking about them and their holdings. We call for portfolio reviews. Sometimes we call about suggested changes in the portfolio. We want to avoid sounding like we are making a sales call, yet feel “I was thinking about you” might sound like a flimsy reason to call a client. What would get their attention? Engage them? Have them feeling they learned something when they hung up the phone?

12 Things to Talk About

Here are a dozen reasons you could be calling. Portfolio reviews and rebalancing asset allocation are so obvious, they don’t even make the list.

1. The coronavirus. There have been lots of disaster movies out there. TV plots, too, about the spread of a virus. Now your client hears what’s happening in China. The stock market pays attention. Your client wonders what a serious virus in one of the world’s biggest economies means for their portfolio.

Your firm has an opinion. Check out their research. Share it. Have there been similar situations before? What happened? Bear in mind every drug company in the world is probably trying to come up with something that can help. China has the ability to take steps to minimize and confine contagion that would be virtually impossible in the US.

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