Leadership Lessons in 59½ Seconds by Ron Rael: A Leadership Philosophy

January 9, 2020

A Leadership Philosophy

“Ron, what leadership philosophy do you subscribe to?”

The first time this question was posed to me, I was taken aback. I’ve actually been asked this many times.

My response is, “None.”

I am going out on a limb (where I am often found) to deliver this bold statement: Most trendy leadership philosophies are not reality-based.

There are three reasons that I believe many popular leadership books do not represent the leadership you practice.

1) Most leadership books are written by academics who offer ideas based on their research only. These authors rarely hold a leadership position in business.

2) Some leadership books are written by consultants with the intention of obtaining consulting work. You need to pay fees for their entire solution.

3) Some leadership books are written around principles of a religious text such as the Bible, the Torah, the Tao, or Scriptures, yet the problems you must solve are rarely of a spiritual nature.

Yes, there are solid leadership philosophies that can help you lead better but many deal with macro issues impacting big organizations and very few offer practical solutions for the micro problems you need to solve.

Before you spend money on a leadership book that is a “must read,” please research the author(s) and examine their background. Did they work in an organization the same size as yours? Did they get their experience about leading in college, through research, or in the trenches? Do they tell you how to lead in a Fortune 500 setting?

Ron Rael is a leadership expert with The High Road® Institute.

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