Leadership Lessons in 59½ Seconds: Where Wisdom Begins

September 6, 2019

Read the latest lesson from leadership coach Ron Rael, CEO, High Road Institute

"Wisdom begins with wonder."

This statement by Socrates could be the best leadership advice you receive this week! Or maybe this month.

I believe you want to prove that you know how to lead and therefore spend a huge amount of your time answering questions, solving problems, and making plans. Ergo… you need to appear wise. This duty also means you must grow your knowledge, yet your time to study and read is probably limited.

In addition to reading this weekly bit of wisdom [brag time] I suggest other ways to wonder more.

1) Talk to people you do not know or agree with.

2) Watch TED videos via their app or YouTube. [I get a surge of wonder after most of them!]

3) Join a virtual book club that focuses on nonfiction material.

4) Join or start a peer mastermind group.

5) Use the Meetup app to find an interest group that appeals to you.

6) Get inspired by spending time with children under 13 because they are always asking impossible questions.

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