Leadership Lessons in 59½ Seconds: The Reluctant Leader

August 23, 2019

Read the latest lesson from leadership coach Ron Rael, CEO, High Road Institute

"I don't think I have what it takes to be a leader!"

I hear this lament a lot. Sometimes, all it takes to spark that reaction is for me to say, “I’m a Leadership Coach.”

Get ready for a provocative statement: “Everyone has the ability to lead others!”

Why is this true?

Because leading is having impact and influence. That is leading pared down to its core. When you are having impact on someone or something, you are leading. When you influence someone in some way or influence an outcome, you are leading.

Get ready for another provocation: “Every person born wants to have impact and influence.”

These desires are in our DNA. You see it in children, in teens, in adults, and even in people in the final stages of life. We all want to leave our mark on someone and something.

Everyone craves the two ingredients of leading – influence and impact. Some reasons that people don’t want to lead are: not understanding what leading is, the high cost of being the one-in-charge, a lack of confidence, and painful experiences with a bad leader to name a few.

May I suggest that when you feel reluctant to lead, let go of your preconceived notion of what a leader acts or sounds like. Simply remind yourself: “I need to have impact. I want to have influence. How can I do that with… [whatever is in front of you]?”

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