Leadership Lessons in 59½ Seconds: Code Red

August 30, 2019

Read the latest lesson by leadership coach Ron Rael, CEO, High Road Institute

Are you willing to pay the price for being honest and ethical and caring?

Joe Crain took the High Road® and it cost him… big time! More about Mr. Crain in a second.

I want you to have a great career. I am committed to helping you navigate the turbulent waters of leadership. You will find yourself in this dilemma many times in your professional and personal life. You see a harmful situation. You believe that something or someone needs to be changed. You believe you SHOULD take the high road and get involved, maybe even lead the change. That shows you are committed to taking the high road.

Before you act on your instinct, here is what you must do: Explore why you feel heartburn about the issue.

The issue in front of you is assailing your values and convictions. Think hard about your why because this internal insight will guide you on the proper actions to take.

I offer 5 more steps, which can be found in this week’s blog. You will also get to know more about meteorologist Joe Crain and why the phrase “Code Red” does not belong in a weather forecast.

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