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The OSCPA is here to help. Need help building that nest egg? We provide links to information, as well as speakers for schools, community organizations, neighborhood associations, and the workplace. You might be surprised how involved CPAs are in your community. Teachers, need a speaker for your class? We have volunteers waiting to jump in. Need to know more about what a Certified Public Accountant is, or why you might need one? We have you covered.

How do you find a CPA?  
That's what OSCPA's Find-A-CPA™ Directory is for.

OSCPA Financial Literacy

Through the OSCPA Financial Literacy program, members are reaching out to Oregonians of all ages, from school-age children to retirees, teaching them about wise financial choices at each stage of life. Learn more

Speakers Bureau

The OSCPA can provide a professional in the field with real-life experience to visit your classroom and discuss the variety of choices available to students through a career in accounting. Learn more

Personal Finance Tips

Read up on personal finance and money management tips in our News section. We cover topics like saving for college, improving your credit score, Social Security, and more. Learn more

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Vacation Home Rental Write-Offs Get Personal

  • July 19, 2021

Clients who rent out vacation homes can generally write off qualified vacation home expenses. However, if their personal use exceeds the tax law limits, they can’t deduct an annual loss. This could affect the way they use their vacation home the rest of 2021.

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