CFO Conference: Successful Leadership in Today's World (4 hours) [NT]

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Nov 5, 2020

Registration: 7:30 AM / Program: 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM Pacific Time


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If you are a CFO, aspiring-CFO or other trusted business leader, this virtual conference is for you. Log-in to join three business leaders as they discuss leadership styles, crisis management, lessons learned, and other pertinent topics. Catching up on the latest financial management thinking couldn't get any easier than this!

Designed For

CFOs and those who aspire to be CFOs


After attending this presentation you will be able to...

  • Learn why your introversion may be your superpower
  • Understand the risk management lessons of the COVID-19 epidemic
  • Learn leadership lessons from an veteran entrepreneur
  • Gain insights into the most important skills for the next decade

Major Subjects

These are the topics and speakers that will be featured in this conference.

Introvert Power: Why Quiet Leaders are Successful

CPE: 1

Field of Study: Business Management & Organization

Presenter: Don Minges, MBA, The Knowledge Institute, LLC

Description: Leaders were once chosen for their character but today we live in an age where loudmouthed extroverts seem to take center stage in everything, including business, politics and entertainment. While the talkative, charismatic leader makes the front page of business magazines, recent research shows that successful business leaders tend to be more reserved, pensive and sometimes outright shy. Learn why your desire to spend significant time inside your own head may be your greatest asset.

Risk Management in a Post-COVID World

CPE: 1

Field of Study: Auditing

Presenter: John L. Daly, MBA, CPA,CMA, CPIM, Executive Education, Inc.

Description: With each new crisis, surviving organizations revise their risk management plans, often modeling situations which look like the one just past. Whatever crisis troubles your organization next, it is not likely to be another pandemic, but may resemble some other crisis from the distant past. Research shows that top performing organizations do no better than their mediocre-performing peers at predicting the next crisis. However, because have plans in place to handle one possible risk, they are better prepared when a different crisis happens as a result of having important elements of a solution in place. Often well-prepared organizations actually end up better off because the crisis occurred.

Lessons in Leadership: Confessions of a Mompreneur

CPE: 1

Field of Study: Business Management & Organization

Presenter: Sherr‚ L. DeMao, CGS, BizGrowth, Inc.

Description: As founder of a 34-year old award-winning strategy firm, Sherr‚ has literally raised a business and three daughters, all younger than her business. As a result, her daughters got front row seats to the life of an entrepreneurial mom and were frequently at Mom's side during times when what comes out of the mouths of babes is priceless, as well as precious wisdom. Sherr‚ will share some lighthearted and poignant examples of lessons learned and insights gained from those little voices in her head that were not her imagination, but her children. This session will have you laughing, relating, crying and celebrating being in business, being a woman and being a mother.

Most Important Skills for the Next Decade

CPE: 1

Field of Study: Business Management &Organization

Presenters: Sherr‚ L. DeMao and Don Minges

Description: The conference's closing event will involve the event's three speakers discussing the skills they believe will be most important for CFOs in the next decade.

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