Fundamentals of the U.S. Rules of International Taxation (8 hours)

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Aug 19, 2020

Registration: 6:00 AM / Program: 6:30 AM - 2:00 PM Pacific Time


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As the world economy continues to become interdependent, tax advisors need to understand the U.S. rules of international taxation. This overview will provide tax advisors with the tools to understand the tax implications of their client's cross-border activities.

Designed For

CPAs and Tax Professionals in Industry


CPAs and Tax Professionals in Industry Identify issues with respect to cross border transactions Determine when the income is subject to the U.S. tax net Recognize opportunities for tax minimization strategies

Major Subjects

U.S. tax rules regarding all U.S. taxpayers - jurisdiction, the sourcing of income, and transfer pricing U.S. tax rules regarded U.S. persons conducting activities abroad (outbound taxpayers) – foreign tax credits, Subpart F, GILTI, and PFICs U.S. tax rules regarding foreign persons conducting U.S. activities (inbound taxpayers) – ECI, FDAP, FATCA, and FIRPTA

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