Excel – Advanced Defined Names & Excel Tables (2 hours)

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Jul 24, 2020

Registration: 9:00 AM / Program: 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM Pacific Time


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The importance of Defined Names and Excel Tables is detailed in our course "Excel - Two Must Know Features: Defined Names & Tables." Once you understand these two features, how can you use them to build advanced spreadsheets? This course is designed to demonstrate how you can use these features to build better spreadsheets that are easier to read, easier to update and more accurate. Learn about the INDIRECT function and how to use it with Defined Names to build a summary table. You will also learn the importance of Consistent Column Calculations and how tables can help. We will demonstrate the use of Structured Table References, as this is the foundation for using the advanced data analytics. This session is presented using Excel 2019/Office 365. Regardless of the version you are using, most concepts covered in this course apply to all versions of Excel. This event may be a rebroadcast of a live event and the instructor will be available to answer your questions during the event.

Designed For

Anyone who wants to take their Excel skills to the next level


After attending this presentation you will be able to...
  • Use the INDIRECT function and Defined Names to build a summary table
  • Determine the importance of having Consistent Column Calculations
  • Use Excel Tables to build Consistent Column Calculations
  • Build formulas that use Structured Tables References

Major Subjects

The major topics that will be covered in this class include:

  • Using the INDIRECT function with Defined Names
  • The importance of Consistent Column Calculations
  • Ways to create Consistent Column Calculations
  • Using Structured Table References in formulas

This event has already passed. If you have any questions, please contact us at 503-641-7200 or email profdev@orcpa.org.