Cyber Risk and Accountants Best Practices (1 hour) [NT]

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Jul 31, 2020

Registration: 10:00 AM / Program: 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM Pacific Time


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This Course updates the ACPEN Cyber Best Practices & Risk Management course. In this class students will learn to identify emerging cyber risks, understand evolving threats and development of cyber security responses. 

Designed For



  • Learn about the evolving scope of cyber risks and their impact on businesses
  • Learn the fundamentals of performing technology security assessments
  • Hear updates about employee awareness training and IT network administration
  • Learn of trends and developments with cyber insurance policies

Major Subjects

Information Technology plays an increasing role in all social and business interactions. Its evolution continues to create efficiencies and improvements affecting individuals and organizations all over the world. At the same time technology itself may present unintended consequences when improperly used, or not, and is always still vulnerable to human manipulation.

  • Organizations and their professional advisors must address their individual and networked exposure to cyber loss through risk identification, security implementation and continuing awareness campaigns
  • Insurance indemnification for 1st and 3rd party cyber loss continues to evolve alongside traditional insurances, but they may present subjectivities and warranties restricting or limiting coverage
  • Data breach and IT Crisis response industries have performed well to mitigate some data loss incidences, but they face an increasingly complex technology environment untested with catastrophic, systemic risks

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