C Corporations Update: Lobster Traps, Lobster Pots and a Whole New Sea of Opportunity (2 hours)

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Apr 21, 2020

Registration: 10:30 AM / Program: 11:00 AM - 12:56 PM


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C Corps carry unique blessings and curses of all their own. What of all this new fuss about how S Corps and other entities should switch to C Corps? The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) brought new lower tax rates for some C Corps, yet higher for others. But, there’s a whole lot more to the story. This course kisses and tells about the C Corp rest of the story.

Designed For

All who desire to understand the new playing field for C Corps after TCJA and other new important tax developments


  • Demystify the mystery of C Corp or not under TCJA
  • Learn 4 situations C Corp better than pass-through (for entrepreneurial business)
  • Identify and apply new developments affecting C Corps
  • Learn goods and bads of new C Corp tax rate under TCJA
  • Break out of double tax lobster trap if you can
  • Troubleshoot §163(j) business interest expense deduction limit
  • Identify new opportunities now that C Corp AMT has bitten dust
  • Recognize tweaks to C Corp charitable contribution rules

Major Subjects

  • C Corp new tax developments
  • Choice of business entity flipped over on its ear – Or, not?
  • C Corp tax rate musical chairs
  • C Corp AMT transition issues and blockbuster new opportunities
  • C Corp AMT and Buy Sell Agreements
  • C Corp income tax structure – More than meets the eye
  • Dividends received deduction overhaul
  • To Be or Not to Be a C Corp – 4 Reasons
  • C Corps w/ justification to retain earnings
  • C Corp §1202 (QSBS) stock – A new era begins
  • C Corp vs. Pass-Through
  • Should You Switch from C to S Corp? TCJA paves road
  • TCJA - §163(j) Business interest expense limit – Grab your hat
  • 2018 Form 1120 – What's meaningfully new?

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