Divorce, Alimony and Property Settlements (Before and) After TCJA - A Wholly Different Rodeo (2 hours)

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Apr 1, 2020

Registration: 5:30 AM / Program: 6:00 AM - 8:00 AM


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The Tax Cuts Jobs Act rips the alimony deduction out from under some and very much endangers it for others. And, there's a whole lot more to it than before. Nothing can be taken for granted by the planner or tax preparer. One must know what to look for and move intelligently forward.

Designed For

Accountants, lawyers and other interested persons desiring to properly plan and comply with the dramatically changed playing field for divorce and separation after TCJA


  • To learn the wholly new playing field for divorce planning in general
  • To learn the tax compliance challenges which face every tax preparer with divorced, separated or divorcing clients

Major Subjects

  • No more deduction for divorce or separation instruments executed after 2018
  • But, what does "executed" mean anyway?
  • How prior negotiated alimony might be dragged into the soup
  • How pre- and post-nups might be drowning in the soup
  • How not to get the soup knocked out of you economically
  • With dependency exemptions gone, what is the new playing field?
  • How property settlements ring so differently than before
  • Do old agreements deserve a new look? Oh, how they might
  • How the fruit basket has been upset and fruit is flying everywhere
  • Don't leave home without knowing how to not get your head handed to you

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