How to Build a Virtual Accounting Services Practice (3 hours)

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Apr 6, 2020

Registration: 9:30 AM / Program: 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM


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Every industry and every profession is being transformed by the rapid evolution in information technology, particularly with cloud computing. The accounting profession is no exception. In fact, accounting professionals across the country are tapping into the cloud to provide innovative and profitable accounting services. The specific models that have emerged are virtual bookkeeping, virtual accounting and virtual CFO services. This webcast will help you to understand what the market opportunity is for these various services and how to develop a comprehensive strategy to establish one or more of these services in your firm.

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Upon completion of this webcast, you will:

Have a clear understanding of the virtual accounting services market and the profit potential.

Be familiar with the top selling cloud based software tools for this service model.

Have access to specific tools and methodologies to help you build and market your virtual accounting services.

Major Subjects

The topics that will be covered in this webcast include:

Understanding the market for outsourced accounting services

Alternative strategies for delivering outsourced accounting services

Review of top selling cloud based accounting tools

Developing your fee model and engagement letter

Staffing for success

Tips and tools for marketing your new services to clients and prospects

Case studies of successful practices

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