The Wayfair Decision and How it Impacts Oregon Businesses and CPA Firms (1.5 hours - morning) – NEW!

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Oct 23, 2018

Registration: 7:30 AM / Program: 8:00 AM - 9:20 AM


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The Wayfair decision impacts businesses in all sectors. Nexus can now be established without physical presence. Learn the ins and outs of the decision and how to best implement strategies to protect the business in all states. Does this impact income tax? We will discuss that also!

Designed For

CPAs in practice and professionals in industry at all levels.


You will learn about the basics of sales and use tax and how the Wayfair decision has changes the landscape for all businesses. Businesses can no longer count on the physical presence rule to shield them from sales tax collection responsibilities in other states. This is a whole new challenge for all businesses but a bigger challenge for small to medium businesses. You will leave this class with a the knowledge and tools to help you evaluate exposures and plan to comply with the new sales tax world!

Major Subjects

Understanding the Wayfair decision * How the decision impacts businesses small and large * How to apply the separate state rules * Ideas to make compliance easier * Risks of not complying *

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