IRS Disputes: Identifying Options for Your Client (4 hours - afternoon)

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Cancelled - Nov 29, 2018

Registration: 12:15 PM / Program: 12:45 PM - 4:30 PM


Member Fee: $195.00
Nonmember Fee: $245.00

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Get the confidence and understanding you need to stand up to the Internal Revenue Service. Learn about what may trigger an audit, how to negotiate with the IRS, settle on appeal, and qualify for an IRS collection program. Represent your client with confidence and evaluate your client’s best options for dealing with the IRS.

Designed For

CPAs, enrolled agents, and attorneys.


When you complete this course you will be able to: Determine whether a tax liability has been properly assessed against your client * Identify procedures IRS is required to follow to assess the taxpayer * Recall how to advise clients about how to prevent the fling of federal tax liens and minimize the adverse effects of fled liens * Recall how to advise clients concerning the levy, seizure, and sale of property * Recall how to advise clients when they may be eligible for an IRS installment agreement * Identify the circumstances in which an installment agreement is in the client’s best interests * Recall how to advise clients about applying for an offer in compromise * Recall how to complete IRS Form 656 and a Collection Information Statement to maximize the probability of the offer in compromise being accepted.

Major Subjects

The assessment process * The collection process for tax liens and levies * The IRS process for seizures and sales of taxpayer property * Installment agreements * Offers in Compromise.

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Dennis Riley

Dennis Riley, CPA, MBA,,LLC / Mt. Laurel, NJ, has more than 30 years of experience in accounting, consulting, tax preparation, and government representation. He specializes in the tax and business needs of individuals, families, and entrepreneurial small businesses. The AICPA’s Vision Project identified him as an early adopter of new technology and new integrations of accounting and consulting information. He is a frequent lecturer on topics related to for-profit taxation, estates and trusts, business law for accountants, and other related topics.

Mr. Riley’s experience includes a range of services including negotiations with federal and state government tax authorities, offers in compromise, closing agreements, strategic business plans, litigation support, record reconstruction, business formation and dissolution, problem solving, and tax preparation. He has resolved multiple-year filing issues, organization issues, and business transition problems. (Rev. 11/2014)