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The OSCPA Group Health Trust is pleased to offer medical, dental, and vision insurance programs for OSCPA Affiliate Firm Members. 

Summary Plan Description & Material Modifications for 2019

The OSCPA Group Health Plan (the “Plan”) is a group health plan that provides group health, dental, and vision insurance benefits. This summary and the material modifications documents supplement the group contract and the summaries of benefits provided by the insurer.


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2019 Plan Highlights

Four primary Medical plans

The OSCPA Group Health Trust offers four primary Medical plans to member firms. These are broad provider network plans using the PacificSource PSN network. Two of these plans are traditional PPO plans with relatively low deductibles. The other two plans have higher deductibles and are eligible to be paired with a tax-advantaged Health Savings Account (HSA). We believe these four plans will provide a solid variety of options that will meet the health insurance needs of OSCPA member firms and your employees.

Several plan enhancements

Several plan enhancements were made for 2019 that strengthen the OSCPA Group Health Program as a competitive and attractive option for member firms. Specific areas include:

  • Family deductible
  • Virtual health care
  • Urgent care copay
  • Advanced imaging
  • Preferred brand name drugs

Additionally, the new high deductible HSA plan is the cheapest plan offered and has the lowest out-of-pocket maximum of all four options available. 

Narrow network plans available

Two additional sets of narrow network plans are available to most member firms. The plans look identical to the broad network, PSN plans, but the premiums are much lower. For 2019, the discounts associated with these plans have been strengthened.

  • Member firms in the Portland metro area have the option of four Legacy based plans at a 13% discount when compared to the broad network PSN plans.
  • Along the I-5 corridor from Salem to Medford, and in Central Oregon and South Coast, there are SmartChoice network plans available at a 9% discount. In several areas, the SmartChoice network is nearly identical to the PSN network, so these plans offer a high value.

Regional rating is offered

To maximize the competitiveness of the OSCPA Group Health Program, regional rating is applied. This means that the base rates of the OSCPA plans are adjusted based on the specific region of each member firm. There are four total rating areas, and the pricing is based on medical provider cost differences in various regions across the state. This method is consistent with the individual and small-employer state insurance market, which means that member firms will find the OSCPA plan to be competitive with other options available.


The Partners Group logo     A message from The Partners Group

We are excited to partner with the OSCPA Group Health Trust to bring better plans and competitive rates to OSCPA Affiliate Firm Members. We encourage you to reach out with any specific questions you may have about the new plans and/or rates for 2019. Additionally, we are ready to quickly assist you in comparing your current health plan to the new plans available through the OSCPA Group Health Program. We look forward to hearing from you!

Please call us at 503-726-5755 or e-mail us at